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1.1         The Kingdom is at Peace Time apart from the Clash Of Thrones (CoT) first 2 days only (not voting day).

1.2         Scouts and Attacks on players in human-made clans in the kingdom are illegal outside of War Time, see 3.4-3.7.

1.3         Players found repeatedly violating/abusing the RoE or working with other Kingdoms to bypass the RoE will be subject to a penalty, at the discretion of the Royal Court, and may be outlawed in this kingdom completely.

1.4 Computer Generated Clans (CGC) and Clanless players are not protected by this ROE.

[1.5 To be considered a human-made clan, they must have a Clan Capital and have “We Follow the K115 ROE” in the clan description, or similar. Any clan not meeting these requirements will not be considered a real human-made clan and fall into the group of computer-generated clans.

1.6 All clans must have a listed diplomat, who is a Superior or Leader of that clan, otherwise the Clan Leader will assume that role. Only the Diplomat or Clan Leader, and the involved parties, will have standing in negotiations with the Royal Guard. All Diplomats and Clan Leaders MUST join the channel ‘K89 Diplomacy Chat’.

1.7 Up to six players who are not on the Royal Court can be appointed as members of the King’s Guards. These players will be appointed by Royal Decree by the King, and be relieved by Decree by the King, Queen, or Hand. The King’s Guard has the authority to investigate and enforce the Rules of Engagement. Outlaw decrees and pardons may only be issued by the Royal Court and King’s Guard.

1.8 Each member of the Royal Guard can make a Clanmarsch whit their Clanmembers when needed to complete their task.



A clan march is defined as any player attacking another K115 player with reinforcements.  Clan marches against portals from other kingdoms, or cities in other kingdoms are permitted.

* Pre-arranged Conquest Point (CP) Runs and Exchanges are permitted, and in fact encouraged, provided proof of prior arrangement can be provided.

* Clan marches against outlaws are acceptable at any time.

2.2  All resources, including gold, tar, silver, food, wood, stone and iron in any form, and portals inside a clan territory belong to that clan and are protected.  Crypts, arenas, citadels and monsters are no resource, and so are not protected and open to everyone.

2.3 CLAN BUILDINGS ARE NOT TO BE ATTACKED AT ANY TIME.  Attacks on clan buildings, including forts, will be subject to the following penalties, payable to the attacked clan (a battle report must be provided, the offender pays the taxes):

Scouting – 1m silver

Attack without destroying – 10m silver

Attacking and destroying – 10m each of silver, iron, wood, stone.

Repeat offences will be subject to outlawing.

Attacks on clan buildings in other Kingdoms are only allowed in retaliation on ours (a Battle Report must be provided), or with the express permission of the Royal Court.

2.4         Resource tiles that are outside of clan territories are owned by the first to get here, and they cannot be kicked off. If you leave that tile, then it is open for others to take.

2.5         Dragon Mounds (DM) and Wellspring Ruins (WS), outside of clan territories, MUST be registered at ‘K115 Gold Reg ’ OR ‘K115 Tar Reg ’ chats respectively. Registrations must be posted using the format: the last 2 digits of their x and y axis. Example: a DM or WS at K:89 X:404 Y:784 would be registered as 04,84. This is to prevent other kingdoms using registrations as a ‘shopping list’. The first registered player has 15 minutes to occupy them, or the claim is null and void. You MUST be in a Man-made clan to mine, and only 1 of each DM/WS per 24 hrs. You must have a hero under level 65 to mine a level 5, or a hero of level 65 or greater to mine a level 10. A Clan DM or WS that is sitting just inside of a Clans border may be registered; if the border moves, it still belongs to that clan.

2.6 All wrongly occupied DM or WS may be vacated by any player, including by force; the costs for this are to be borne by the player who was vacated. This applies to unregistered, incorrectly registered as well as players exceeding or falling below the required level for the resource. The clan leaders are held responsible for ensuring that all players in their clan know and follow the rules.

2.7 Any player city level 29 or under, found with more than 25,000 (25k) ingots, or city level 30 or over, found with more than 40,000 (40k) ingots, may be attacked by anyone, without warning, to collect said taxes. Tax collecting may take place through portals, including those for events or inside clan territories. Those collecting taxes need to provide a battle report showing that the offender met the ingot requirement or the attack will be considered illegal.



3.1         Any hostile portals, regardless of status, during War Time or Peace Time may be closed with NO might restrictions by anyone. A hostile portal is a portal that has been used to launch an attack and/or scout. A battle report from the portal must be provided.

3.2.        Event Portals (used for Doomsday, Shadow Invasion, etc, but excluding The Great Hunt) are PROTECTED and can remain until they expire (including those at or on a clan’s territory). Event Portals may ONLY be attacked if they become hostile as defined in 3.1, or for tax collection from 2.6.

3.3         Portals on a clan’s own territory are to be always PROTECTED from attacks, even if defined as hostile in 3.1.


3.4.        No scouts or attacks are allowed inside the kingdom during Peace Time, unless pre-arranged (e.g. CP Runs) or permitted elsewhere in the RoE (e.g. tax collections, hostile portals), to help players and the kingdom grow between CoT events. Violations are subject to RoE 4.1 and 4.2 for resolution.

3.4.a Portals that are set in free land in peacetime must be minimal 5 tiles from a other clans territory, Portals there used as event portals must be close one hour after the event is gone

WAR TIME – Clash for the Throne (CoT) first 2 days only (not voting day)

3.5.        Might requirements for hitting during CoT event is a 50% Might rule.  The defender cannot be less than 50% of the might of the attacker.

3.6. Any player can hit someone above their level, but there is a 24 hour window where attacks can be returned for the duration of that War Time event, ONLY by that player in retaliation, on a one-to-one basis regardless of might.  All attacks and/or retaliations must stop at the beginning of voting day

3.7  There kan be royally decreed War Days in the kingdom to teach players how to fight. War Days are defined as 1 or  2 days of permitted warfare where typical ROE guidelines are suspended; during this time, old scores can be settled and our citizens can get a taste of real warfare. The rules are the same as during COT.


Clash of Kingdoms (KvK) only


3.8.        The kingdom is at peace, all clans are allied with each other in defense of K115.

3.8         All portals from other kingdoms are considered hostile, to be reported in ‘K8115 Defence’ and closed, including by clan march (see 2.1).


4.1.        Illegal attacks are subject to retaliation or compensation (not both). Silver is generally used to compensate, and it’s best to come to a solution BOTH parties agree is fair (See compensation calculator at the end of the ROE).

4.2         Try to resolve it between yourself and the attacker directly first. If that fails to fix the problem within 12 hours, have your Clan Diplomat or Leader contact the attacker’s Clan Diplomat or Leader to resolve diplomatically. If that fails, then after 24 hours (12 hours since 1st contact and 12 hours after contact with Clan Diplomats/Leaders), post the violation in ‘K89 Violation Reports’. At that point, the Guard will review it and work for a diplomatic outcome, or for outlaw status and fairness.  Violations must be posted within 24 hours initial 12 hours of clan and player communication, in order to be considered by the King’s Guard. The guard may, at their discretion, look at cases past this time where they believe there are exceptional circumstances.

4.3.        Outlaw Status will remain in place until the player is pardoned, after compensation is paid or as determined by the Royal Court.


5.1.        The King, Queen and Hand can issue Public Bounties/Rewards for location, by decree. This power is restricted to outlaws of the kingdom only. All other players are forbidden from issuing such bounties. Doing so will incur a penalty, at the discretion of the Royal Council, and may be outlawed in this kingdom completely.

5.2.        In all matters, the King shall have final ruling on all conflict/clarification, should the Court not be able to agree. Only the King may issue a Clan level Outlaw Decree or Pardon.


6.1         We have an agreement between K115 & not to attack each other’s resource tiles (RSS), Dragon Mounds (DM) or Well Springs (WS).  Combined with RoE 2.3 banning the attack on clan buildings, this leaves players cities as the only permitted targets in K115 and the Kingdoms that wil be added here  .

6.2         Any violations of kingdom agreements will owe compensation or result in outlaw status within the kingdom or penalty set by the Court.


Private property is protected. If you have built a mine with any resource, you have the right to defend it by all means and remove the thief. All villages containing more than 1M silver and mines containing more than 2M other resources are owned by someone, and you are not allowed to touch them without the owner’s permission! The owner has the right to claim compensation for losses incurred during the removal of the thief according to the calculator. In the case of mines with residual resources that resemble computer-generated mines – you leave them unsecured at your own risk and will be treated as game-generated mines, with no right to compensation, unless you have proof that it is placed by you and you inadvertently warn the collecting player against taking him out of the mine! Before attacking a thief, you post a warning along with the mine coordinates in the royal chat!

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